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Kyla Pearson

Creative Team Manager

Simply Socials Management was founded by Crystal McGrath and Darren Gilbert. Both passionate entrepreneurs with multiple corporations and the drive to provide tools and opportunity to brands and artists. 


Simply Socials Management has years of experience working in digital marketing and consulting with Artists, Entrepreneurs and businesses. Our team understands the different needs between clients which is why we provide customized solutions and packages for each client.


At Simply Socials, we provide our clients with a positive experience and transparent communication.  It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality services and look forward to meeting our new clients!

Founded by Artist Entrepreneurs who understand the impact & importance of image and brand


To create authentic marketing materials for building client brand awareness on social media platforms and beyond.


To be the go to digital marketing agency for artists, entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe.


  • Communication

  • Positivity

  • Passion

  • Authenticity

  • Ownership

  • Quality

  • Teamwork

  • Education

  • Freedom

  • Creativity

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Crystal McGrath

Crystal McGrath is a Country Pop recording artist and songwriter from Calgary, Alberta. Her latest release “Game On” produced by Spencer Cheyne, was released to radio in September 2020. The first week of the release “Game On” hit the Sirius XM CBC Country Top 40, has been added to rotation on  Australia Commercial Country radio networks, and the video is aired on the Australian MTV/CMT network.


“Game On” is a sassy song to empower women to go after what they want, whether it be a dance at a club or going after the CEO position of a company, anything is possible if you go after it.


No stranger to the stage, Crystal has performed all around the world including gigs in Canada, USA, Mexico, UK, and Australia. She has shared the stage with Canadian Country heavyweights George Canyon and Aaron Pritchett to name a few.

Beyond Music, Crystal has been building her career in Marketing since 2004.  Always learning the latest trends and methods to apply to clients and her own businesses. It is her personal mission statement to inspire individuals to be the best version of themselves and she applies this mindset to working with brands, businesses and artists in their branding and marketing campaigns. 


Crystal has a passion for developing community and support within the music industry and shines the light on Canadian and International artists with her online video series, The Artists Behind The Music. Follow Crystal on all social platforms to stay up to date with the latest events.

Darren Gilbert

Owner of Off The T-Can Studios, Darren has designed an inspiring space to create and record music.  The studio has grown into a professional and dynamic recording studio with positive vibes and great workflow.  It has a full band live room with clear lines of sight, isolation booths and headphone amps with independent mixes. 


Darren began writing music at the age of 15 and has always had a love for the power of words and the images they conjure.  Over several years of private voice and guitar lessons in Montreal, he began leading a band and writing music with his best friends.   During these formative years, he attended college poetry and writing classes with great enthusiasm, however the native Montrealer completed his BA in Political Science and Economics with a concentration in International Relations.    


Setting out to help Calgary become a thriving musical community, Darren was instrumental in founding the YYC Music Awards.  He is community driven and highly supportive of local talent.  He has spent years mentoring aspiring musicians through career consultation, judging original music showcases, performance coaching and attending music conferences.


Aside from creating music he is also passionate about visual mediums and has helped produce music videos and worked on several films as a Music Supervisor.  Working as a band leader and guitar player, he produced Crystal McGrath’s EP, ‘Room to Breathe’ and is currently promoting her latest single he co-wrote ‘Game On’.  He has recently embraced the Podcast world and is recording, editing and producing episodes.  It is his passion to create and inspire. 


Kyla Pearson

 Kyla is a Canadian Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer & Professional Writer for country music, film & TV. Often described as being a “force of nature”, she is quickly becoming a sought after name in the music, film & TV industry across the globe. She has worked alongside artists such as Calgarian pop-country artist Crystal McGrath, who’s single Game On (2020) was in the top 40 charts on Sirius XM CBC Country and in rotation on CMT & MTV Australia. 

In addition, she’s worked with film & TV industry greats & well-established studios such as Don Carmody Television Inc., headed by multiple award-winning & Emmy-Award nominated producers Don Carmody (The Boondock Saints) & David Cormican (Shadowhunters, Northern Rescue), under which she worked on numerous released and upcoming film & television properties, including the family drama series for CBC & Netflix Northern Rescue (2019) starring William Baldwin, Kathleen Robertson and Amalia Williamson, the to be released hit teen vampire TV series House of Night based on the novels by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast and the upcoming televised mini-series Escape From Plauen based on World War II memoir by Renate Stoever. She’s also cast in a Montreal-based documentary film, set to premiere in Summer 2021.

 Her journey as a graphic designer began at Vanier College, where she graduated in 2018 with Honours from the Communications, Literature and Arts program with a Major in Design (DEC). Her graduate project, Interconnected (2018), a 4-poster series that provides a critical analysis of the inversely proportional relationship between the progression of communication technologies and the degeneration of human interconnection, was offered an exhibition in the Henry Lehmann Gallery. In the years since she has expanded her knowledge with a formal education in digital marketing (2019) and YouTube Music Certification (2020). She has used her marketing savvy to help fellow creatives and brands achieve their goals & continue to live their dreams across the globe in the music, film & TV industry.


She is currently pursuing her BFA degree in Film Studies & Google Partnership. Her primary influences in the industry include her mentor of 3 years, the late Graphic & Effects Designer Thomas P. Fisher, Graphic Designer Paula Scher, Graphic Designer & Illustrator Jon Contino and Graphic Designer for Film Annie Atkins.